What a perfect Mother's Day we enjoyed this year.  The weather, the food, the company, and of course, the dessert.  My family gathered together to honor my Mom (Patty) of the Patty's Peanut Butter Hot Fudge fame, and her sister, my Aunt Mary who is by all means where I get my love for chocolate and sweets from.  We enjoyed a lovely steak on the grill, fettucine alfredo and a tossed salad loaded with all the goodies and of course dessert..............




I had decided that I was going to take a nontraditional route for dessert and serve strawberry shortcakes...........I know, good, and juciy and sweet and delicious, but no chocolate.......so we fixed that.


We added dense chocolate brownies instead of  buttermilk biscuits a layer of vanilla or in my case chocolate ice cream, then the berries and then heaping drizzles of the Sundaes Best Original Hot Fudge Sauce, then the whipped cream.  Now that's what I call a mother of a hot fudge sundae!   The perfect ending to a perfect day.  Thanks Mom for all you do for me, and thanks Aunt Mary (aka AM) for teaching me how to enjoy my sweets especially the chocolate.   


I hope every Mom had a wonderful day!


With sweet regards, 


Katie /Sweet Chief