Hooray!  It is that time....get the flip flops out, grab the coolers, the beach umbrellas and the pineapple juice (the rum has been ready for months!) Before we leave for Jersey, there are orders to deliver, orders to pack and ship, and shows to prepare for,and then we are free for 10 days!  Yippee!

It's time to party...donuts for breakfast from the famous Aversa's Bakery, Rita's Italian Ice for lunch and Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sundaes for dessert.   We just love the sweets, the sand and the shore. We all laugh alot and eat.....family, food and fun!!  What more can a gal want out of life.  

This picture shows me and my niece and nephews holding court last year....waiting to spot some dolphins, and deciding on what flavor ice cream for dessert.

Cheers to summer vacations!