Original Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce

The cornerstone of our company stems from a 50+ year old family recipe that combines premium, mouth-watering semi-sweet chocolate, with the highest quality cocoa, pure cane sugar, award-winning NY State Stewarts® milk and sweet Cabot ® butter. Sundaes Best Original Hot Fudge sauce is creamy, smooth and delicious …. almost indescribable! Just grab a spoon and dig in! We named it Sundaes Best as a play on words with dressed in Sunday Best clothes that Katie & her Grandma Marge were dressed in for church.

These two chocolate lovers would regularly venture out for a hot fudge sundae dressed in their Sunday Best! And, after one bite we hope you’ll agree….it makes every sundae best! 

Serving Suggestion: Classic Hot Fudge Sundae using premium vanilla ice cream, Sundaes Best original Hot Fudgde Sauce, sprinkled with walnuts, loaded with fresh whipped cream and don’t forget the Maraschino cherry to top it off …Really go for the gusto and add a fresh baked brownie for a brownie ala mode out of this world!

Our favorite way to enjoy it…………..Straight up on a spoon! Have some today!

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Chazzy's Cherry

Named after our nephew Chaz who can't leave the marischino cherries alone in the fridge! The perfect blend of cherry and dark, sweet, smooth scrumptous chocolate. You'll swear your biting into a big chocolate covered cherry!

Serving Suggestion:Warm and drizzle over plain cheesecake. It will virtually disappear!

Chazzy loves it best on chocolate ice cream with lots and lots of whipped cream and of course, a cherry on top for a sweet finish!

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Russell’s Landing Raspberry

Introduced in the Spring of 2007, Raspberry was our first flavor combination and continues to be our best selling flavor. It is named after the Shinaman Family’s camp on the western shores of Skaneateles Lake. It’s a perfect combination of sweet and berries….close your eyes and breathe deep.

You can almost smell the fresh fields where the raspberries grow.

Serving suggestions:Drizzle over angel-food cake and garnish with fresh raspberries and whipped cream! Perfect for dipping bananas in….the sweetness of the raspberries is a banana's only hope!

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Howard’s Hazelnut

Warm, nutty, and irresistibly chocolate. Named after our lifelong mechanic-Howard who is a big coffee/nut fan. Howards Hazelnut is the perfect flavor marriage! The rich, creamy, chocolate hot fudge sauce echoes a hint of hazelnut that awakens your taste buds and continues to satisfy long after the last bite is taken.  Serving Suggestions: Pour Howard’s Hazelnut Hot Fudge over your favorite coffee ice cream for a simple yet extraordinary dessert!

Try a spoonful in your morning coffee……….it will give you something to smile about all day long.

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Marilyn’s Mint

Named after Marilyn Shinaman, Jeff’s mom, who always carries mints with her no matter where she goes. Marilyn’s Mint Hot Fudge Sauce is our original, rich creamy base of chocolate hot fudge sauce infused with the perfect hint of mint. Delightful on chocolate ice cream, it makes a cozy cup of hot chocolate.

Inspired by that famous flavor of those little girl scout treats….the thin mints…Enjoy some tonight!

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Olivia’s Orange

Named after our niece Olivia who is quite simply zesty just like Olivia’s Orange Hot Fudge Sauce. Juicy, flavorful bursts of orange shine through this creamy dark chocolate Sauce that creates an essence your taste buds will love.

Orange you going to try some today?

Serving suggestions: 
Heavenly drizzled over plain NY Style cheesecake.
Simple, yet elegant, over chocolate ice cream.
Great as a snack. Dip orange slices into warm or cold Olivia’s Orange Hot Fudge and watch how fast that fruit disappears!

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Patty’s Peanut Butter

Lovingly named in honor of Katie’s Mom who in the past, has been known to eat nine peanut butter cups in one evening! Patty’s Peanut Butter is the perfect flavor combination — it can be described as heaven on earth! Smooth, creamy, premium, New York State made peanut butter blends it’s nutty simplicity and goodness with Sundaes Best original rich, creamy, chocolate to create a legendary flavor combination.

Serving Suggestion:Grab a spoon and dig in!Pretzels also work nicely as dip……………..don’t forget apple slices…..healthy and delicious!! Enjoy!

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Jean’s Java

Giddy-Up!  Jean’s Java is a chocolate lover’s delight…..people have been jailed for lesser evils! Perfectly brewed coffee adds a rich, complex dimension of chocolate bliss to this hot fudge sauce….it is hard to put the jar down!

Serving Suggestion:
Indulge yourself and your guests with Cream Puffs or pretifiloes drizzled with warm Jean’s Java Hot Fudge Sauce. Top with crème fraiche and chocolate shavings……’ll be in chocolate paradise.
Have you made a mocha or a milkshake with Jean’s Java yet? Try it today! It’s delicious!!

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Addy Campbell’s Caramel

Named in honor of a niece who loves the buttery taste of caramel, this hot fudge sauce will have you smiling with a sweet grin.  

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A.J.'s Almond

When we say our nephew goes nuts for almonds, that's an understatement.  Based on his love for the almond, we created A.J.'s Almond.  We think you'll agree, it's just the perfect blend of almond ad chocolate.

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Bippie's Bittersweet Chocolate

We’re celebrating 11 years in business by introducing Bippie’s Bittersweet Chocolate Hot Fudge Sauce with a third less sugar.  Delicious bittersweet chocolate is included in a healthy diet, and now with less sugar (and, of course, never any corn syrup). Named after Katie’s only brother Bippie ... what’s not to celebrate?!  11 years ... 11 flavors ... hooray!  Purchase a jar today to help us celebrate.   And remember:  Happy people eat Sundaes Best!  Just grab a spoon and dig in!  

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